Kisan Karwan arrives at Gaighat, Bahraich, UP, marking another milestone in our journey for agricultural progress

The “Kisan Karwan” has successfully reached yet another event location, Gaighat in the district of Bahraich, UP. Despite the challenging winter conditions, numerous farmers, including women and children, have actively participated in substantial numbers to engage in sessions conducted by KVK scientists. These sessions hold the promise of enhancing not only their individual livelihoods but also contributing to the overall prosperity of the community. The Rural Insight, our company, has diligently orchestrated this event with the aim of imparting valuable knowledge about various government schemes designed for the welfare of farmers. Government officials from the agriculture department have played an integral role in disseminating crucial information. The event also witnessed the presence of Progressive Farmers and Pradhans, who shared their insights on optimizing farming processes to maximize returns with minimal costs. The collaboration with KVK scientists has further educated participants on agricultural practices, emphasizing the judicious use of chemicals to promote sustainable and eco-friendly farming. The collective sentiment among farmers echoes a plea for minimizing chemical usage to safeguard not only their families but also the broader farming community. The Rural Insight remains committed to fostering awareness and success among farmers, paving the way for a more prosperous agricultural landscape.

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